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chocolate or product vessels

Services Pipe work

HPS will undertake to design and install all your requirements for any hot water or cold water systems. The supply and installation of the appropri-ate calorifier or chiller unit providing the appropriate temperature control, can also be incorporated.

Pneumatic system requirements for the control of process valves can also be supplied and installed.

All services installed are supported on purpose built stainless steel brack-ets designed with the clients operational hygienic requirements in mind.

De-temperer Tubes

We manufacture and install stainless steel De-temperer tubes ranging from 500kg to 1500kg capacity.

Our CNC machinery interfaces with our Autodesk Inventor system, utilising the manufacturing data to facilitate the accurate machining of the two end plates housing the seamless annealed product tubes, which are individually fully welded.

The fabrication of the outer shell and jacketed ends are also undertaken in house, prior to the unit being pressure tested and then finally given a smart bead blast finish.

chocolate or product vessels
chocolate or product vessels

Product Recovery Systems

We design, manufacture and install stainless steel Product Recovery Systems or Pigging Systems as they are more commonly known.

This incorporates a “Launch & Receive Unit” controlling the shuttling of a magnetic cored PIG. This can be a manual or completely automatic system. Upon product changeover, this system enables the residual product in the pipework to be salvaged and re-used.

Within the same cycle, the pipe work can also be cleaned by incorporating a CIP system to reduce product waste, reduce product changeover times for batch production and provide clean pipe work for the next product.

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