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chocolate or product vessels

Chocolate or Product Vessels

Design and manufacture of high quality jacketed and unjacketed stainless steel product vessels ranging from 50 kg up to 5000 kg capacity.

The vessels are of a standard design however can be manufactured to incorporate specific customer requirements i.e.

  • Jacketed or Single Skinned
  • Agitated or without Agitation
  • Melting Grid or No Grid
  • Orientation and Size of Entry and Exit Ports
  • Interlocked damped inspection lid or manway door access

Process Pipe work

To complement our stainless steel vessels, we can also design the process systems required to deliver the product and manufacture and install high quality stainless steel pipe work. This can be jacketed or unjacketed depending upon the characteristics of the product being conveyed.

Sizes range from 1”(25mm) up to 6”(154 mm) pipe and can be manufactured to accommodate all types of standard unions (RJT, SMS, IDF or DIN) and seals which differ according to the product. Our unique design ensures there to be no internal welds within the jacketed area, therefore preventing any jacket failures from contaminating the product. The design of the jacket ends also overcomes the common failure of plate ended jackets.

chocolate or product vessels
chocolate or product vessels

Bespoke Stainless Steel Fabrications

We can also design, manufacture and install stainless steel fabrications ranging from:-

  • Melting Grids
  • Powder Handling Hoppers and supporting frameworks
  • Sack Tip Units
  • Mezzanine Platforms and Access Walkways complete with seamless stainless steel Hand Railing
  • Pump Frames
  • Automatic and Manual “Up and Over” Loading Gate Systems
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