Burtons Case Study



Major Project UK Biscuit manufacturing company in association with Danish Oven manufacturer.

Large Investment.

Hilton Process Solutions took on a major installation project for a biscuit manufacturing company in Lancashire. The project investment valued at approximately £4 million has being CDM coordinated by the client themselves; however HPS have had involvement from before Christmas in preparation for the new line arriving with the supply of personnel, manufacture of fabricated equipment and the installation of the relevant services.

Preparation for the new line.

Prior to the new equipment arriving there was upgrade work that had to be undertaken in the mixing room. This involved manufacturing of new dispensary tables and weighing station equipment, together with the supply and installation of suitable dust extraction pipe work and venting to either outside or filter units. There was also work undertaken with the assembly of the bag handling gantry and creation of temperature controlled rooms for powder storage.
HPS then undertook the mammoth task of installing contamination screening to facilitate a controlled environment for the installation. This involved erecting nearly 2000 sq./m of flame retardant visqueen from floor to ceiling along the length of the existing line. Not the easiest of tasks when the building is old and the client wishes to maintain continuous production.

process pipes

HPS then installed a new 63mm Transair ring mains. We undertook to supply and install 2 ring mains totaling 160 metres in length; 1 around the packing hall with 20 drops for the conveyor supply and retractable hosed cleaning points and 1 around the front end of the oven with 6 drops for the equipment supply and cleaning points. This was installed again, whilst maintaining production.

D-Day arrives.

After the flooring was renewed and the whole area painted, finally the long awaited equipment arrived. Thirteen articulated vehicles were offloaded, uncrated and positioned within a 3 day period using a team from HPS and 2 manufacturer’s engineers. The parts comprising oven sections, cooling beds dough feed systems and depositors made up a length of approximately 70 metres long by 2.5 metres wide and were positioned sequentially adjacent to the line and then brought in to position and placed on the supporting framework prior to final alignment using laser alignment equipment.

From the period of the first vehicle arriving to the oven being ready to undertake production trials was a period of 3 weeks. HPS engineers were also involved in assisting the conveyor suppliers to offload and install the take-off conveyors and wrapping lines.
This partnership approach has been beneficial to all parties in that:

  • Our client is confident with the safety aspect and hygienic manner of work with HPS engineers.
  • Our client makes financial savings on personnel; rather than have 4 manufacturers’ engineers to assemble the line only 2+2 HPS or 1+3 HPS will suffice. Still getting expert knowledge, yet assembling the line at a fraction of the cost.
  • Oven manufacturer is more competitive with the installation costs.
  • Oven manufacturer can redirect residual expertise to other clients.

Customer Satisfaction.

Our customer has praised the manner in which HPS personnel conducted themselves and supported the entire project. The skills, quality, organization and versatility have all been commended by our client.