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Design, Manufacture and Installation of 2 off Chocolate Topping Lines and 2 off Chocolate Decoration Lines complete with Process delivery and Control system.

New manufacturing facility.

Hilton Process Solutions have recently completed the manufacturing and installation of a new chocolate topping and decoration delivery system for a leading European cake manufacturer in Ashington near Brighton.

HPS were chosen to design and manufacture 4 off melting/holding vessels, 2 of 375kg capacity and 2 off of 1050kg capacity. These were integrated into the bespoke designed supporting framework for all the valves and process delivery pipework. HPS also supplied and integrated 4 off Sollich Mini-temperers and all the relevant calorifiers and chiller unit which were controlled by HPS’ HMI control panel.

side of system

Image above shows one side of the system.

This consisted of manufacturing approximately 400 metres of 1.5” in 2” stainless steel jacketed pipe work which was supported by a bespoke seamless stainless steel hygienic framework.

Design & Manufacture.

Architectural 2D drawings were provided by the client leaving HPS to design the complete system around the production access points and delivery points. The main focus was an ergonomic flow of the production process to avoid double handling, combined with a keen aesthetic perspective.

From product samples given to HPS by the client, the melting grids were designed for the button size and to achieve the desired melt rates to match the production delivery.

The system was modelled in 3D using Autodesk Inventor to visualize the final installation and show non-engineering staff the concept design of the installation. This proved to be invaluable with the clients project engineer in being able to show non- engineering personnel what the finished installation will look like.

The services for the system were an intricate part of the project, all interfaced with the HMI for total control of the melting grids, individual vessel temperatures and control of the tempered feed and return lines interfaced with signals from the temperer’s themselves. These were all located in the roof void for aesthetics within the production area.


The framework was fabricated in sections offsite with minimal welds to be made on site. This provided a seamless tubular stainless steel hygienic frame matching the site standard of a previous HPS installation.

The design of the framework enabled the pipe work to be pre-manufactured and then just assembled on site once the framework was erected, meaning minimal time on site and being more efficient with the costs.

The calorifiers were sited on a bespoke frame in the roof void and the chiller unit sited outside. The project commissioning was undertaken smoothly within a 4-day period and satisfactorily met all aspects of the Factory Acceptance Criteria.

full system