Burtons Case Study



Design, Manufacture & Installation of Process pipe work to feed 4 new Conches at Chocolate Manufacturer in the Wirral.

New Premises.

Hilton Process Solutions have recently completed the manufacturing and installation of a new chocolate conch installation for a chocolate refinery on the Wirral. The conches are the first of their kind in the UK and HPS were selected as the supplier of the process pipe work to feed them and the discharge pipe work to link into the existing system.

This consisted of manufacturing approximately 600 metres of jacketed pipe work which was underslung from purpose built mild steel painted and stainless steel frame works.

process pipes

Design & Manufacture.

Recipes and flow rates of existing pumps were submitted by the client and calculations made by HPS to assess the appropriate pipe size. The project pipe work runs were vast and the planning of this work was designed in house from layout drawings supplied by the client, from which AutoCAD Inventor 3D drawings of the pipe runs and brackets were created for verification. The focal point was the manifold entry into each conch comprising 6 different butter types being accurately measured into one entry port, together with the addition of 3 different types of emulsifier. The remit from the customer for all the manufacturing was “Good project aesthetics with high quality hygienic manufacturing techniques”

This was a difficult challenge to achieve with over 23 pipe runs of process and service pipe work to thread through the existing service pipe work and blend in with the existing plant and maintain symmetry.


The project was an on-going concern over a 5 month period; with all the pipe work being manufactured off site and fitted during the week. Any break-ins to the existing butter lines were undertaken during a weekend period.
The project commissioning was undertaken smoothly and the first batch of chocolate being produced 1 week earlier than scheduled.

Customer Satisfaction.

After the completion of the project, our client has since commended the quality of the work and the manner in which HPS personnel conducted themselves throughout the project.

“Not once have I regretted my decision to go with HPS.”

“If I had to sum up the service simply I would say – HPS, solutions not problems.”

“I look forward to working with them again soon.”

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